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We offer safe and legal assessment services, and the efficient removal of hazardous materials, to restore home and commercial properties to a healthy condition.

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Minimize Hazards

AAM, Inc. specializes in the containment and remediation of hazardous substances. We bring over 40 years of asbestos experience to every professional assessment, and we staff all of our projects with industry-trained supervisors and technicians. Our goal is to help you restore your home or business to a safe and healthy environment.




We have the knowledge, equipment, and manpower to efficiently and thoroughly remove asbestos, lead, and mold from your property. We can even schedule most emergency jobs for removal within 24 hours of your call.








AAM, Inc. will remove the health hazards in your home or business that are caused by asbestos, lead, and mold. The toxicity of these substances can cause cancer, organ failure, and respiratory disease in addition to a host of chronic and uncomfortable symptoms. Don’t delay – call us for a free professional consultation.





Hazardous Waste Abatement, Remediation, and Restoration Services

Do you need to abate vermiculite (Zonolite)? Call us for details on getting up to 55% in financial assistance!